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The Freedom Bundle is the best way try out multiple bars of soap! Scents will rotate occasionally as we release new products! 

Product Details

  • Eight 5 oz bars of soap individually packed

Scents included in the bundle

  • Cool x2
  • The Woods x2
  • Lavender x2
  • Cedarwood x2

*$5 shipping on bundle only (only Domestic US customers) Shipping will be charged if anything other than the bundle is added to the order or for orders shipped outside the US.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Danielle Kline
Bliss is blissfully blissful

Wow, you’ve outdone yourselves with “Bliss” soap. The loofa infused into the bar is also wonderful. Thanks again for the free shipping. All the best to you and yours.🙏🏽

Chad Bakken
The Sampler is great

Still on the first bar, and the lavender smells fine, should have tried them all in several more months.

Wayne S
Love this soap! I recommend the Freedom Bundle.

The Freedom Bundle gives you a variety of fragrances to try. I would recommend Hero Soap company to my friends.

Kevin Collins
Freedom Bundle

Love certain flavors of your soap. Anything "Wood" is good all the time. Anything "Cool" with Peppermint, Spearmint or Menthol will chill you to the bone in winter. Friends have taken issue with Propylene Glycol as an ingredient due to it's potential allergen effect. I personally don't have an issue with it though. Free shipping is always a great idea if one is to compete with Amazon.

Joseph Klett

Freedom Bundle- Free Shipping!