Store Policy

Customer Care

Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide our customers with top quality handmade organic soap; in addition to supporting our veterans and first responders with charitable aid.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to deliver an American made, handmade product, free from chemicals and artificial fragrances.  We aim to keep this promise, by giving our customers a product that is gentle on the skin and provide a natural alternative to the major hygiene companies that have taken a less than natural approach in a profit driven market.

As a veteran owned company, we understand the sacrifice that our brother and sisters in the armed forces have made. Because of these sacrifices many service members have trouble assimilating back into civilian life, and we pledge to give a portion of our sales back to organizations that directly impact the recovery and aid of veterans and first responders.


Hero Soap Company, aims to be extremely accessible to our customers. As we routinely monitor our communication lines via email, telephone and direct messages through our social media channels. We greatly appreciate feedback from our customers through any of these lines , and encourage customers to give suggestions on product lines and charities, in order to maintain a customer friendly business.


Subscriptions are delivered monthly to your door, can cancel at anytime. Email subscription cancellations to

Privacy & Safety

All online store transactions are processed through ©Stripe which executes the highest security and client data management. For their full overview visit  If processing systems change we will update our privacy & safety section upon completion of the transition. We will not sell any client data to third party  companies. 

Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale suppliers ordering online, must have a minimum order over 20 bars to be eligible for wholesale rates. Refer to wholesale tab on home screen.

Payment Methods

• Credit / Debit Cards

• Offline Payments